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Educational establishment



The College is formed оn the 29th June 2007   by the merge of educational establishments "The Grodno state professional college of chemical industry" and "The Grodno state technological training college № 225 of trade"

After the merger the team ofthe teachers, trainers and students of the College continue the traditions of two educational establishments.

Today the College is a modern educational establishment, whereall conditions for quality education and recreation of students are created. The internal mechanism of this complex of educational structure isactively developed. Newemployeescome, they are competent in their profession, anexperience is passed from older generation to the young. The traditionswhich were born few years ago give a new, powerful impulse to the beginners.

Our address: Grodno, Slavinsky str., 7, 230026, tel/fax 8(0152) 54-85-08, e- mail - ggptk@mail.grodno.by
Themain goal is to provide a qualified education through which the graduates of the College become qualified and demanded specialists.
Our College is one of the leading educational institutions of the Grodno region.
We prepare workers and specialists for the enterprises of trade, public catering, forestry and green economy, JSC "Grodno Azot" PTC "Khimvolokno".

The College has a large professional creative team. The main goal of the team is to train highly qualified workers and specialists which are demanded  inthe labor market. Today College includes 139 employees,such as :
teachers – 32 (71% of them  have higher and 1 category),
masters of industrial training – 31 (32% have higher and 1st. category);
tutors – 5 (80% have higher and 1st. category);;
socialteachers - 2;

a methodologist;
an educational psychologist;
an organizer teacher;
a librarian;
specialists- 12;
employees– 8;
workers – 31

The administration of the College:

Name, Surname



The date and the time of the reception

Beley Leonid Iosifovich

The Headmaster of the College


the 3rdMonday of the month 
 8.00 -12.00

Karpenko Olga Fedorovna

The associate of the headmaster on industrial work


the 1,3rdTuesday of the month 
14.00 -17.00


The associate of the headmaster on educational work


the 1,3rd Monday of the month 
14.00 -17.00

Irina Yurievna

The associate of the headmaster on study


the 1, 3rdWednesday of the month
14.00 -17.00


The associate of the headmaster on industrial training


the 1, 3rdFriday of the month
14.00 -17.00

Romanchuk Tatyana Petrovna

The associate of the headmaster on economic work


The 1, 3rd Thursday of the month

14.00 -17.00

Zayats Lydia Nikolaevna

The main accountant


The 1, 3rd Friday of the month
14.00 -17.00

Belei Elena Vasilievna

The manager of catering



Miskevich Elena Mikhailovna

 The manager of trade department



Ratskevich Elena Anatolievna

The manager of the canteen




The manager of the hostel



Grin Svetlana Evgenievna

The manager of the library




The College has a necessary material base for the educational and production processes, as well as for the full life of the educational establishment. For the qualitative training the College has 3 academic buildings, in which there are 24 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 6 workshops. 
Sport facilities of the College include: sport, tennis and gym, volleyball and basketball platforms, gymnastic small town, the football field.
The College has a modern assembly hall with 254 seats, which is equipped with modern sound equipment.
Besides it, there is a dining room which includes 120 seats, a buffet, a museum.
The College offers a 9-storedhostel which includes 480 places, located near theCollege. Students, young professionals and teachers, college staff live there. In each block there is a separate sanitary knot and four rooms. The rooms are equipped with necessary furniture (beds, bedside tables, tables, chairs, wardrobes). There isa kitchen on each floor, which is equipped with electric stoves. Also the utility room is equipped with ironing boards and irons.

There is a self-study room for the preparation of the students to the lessons. There is a table tennisfor leisure activities of students. There is a room for social-pedagogical service and teachers` room.
There is a library with a reading room, which is equipped with educational literature. There is a computer with the Internet. On the first floor there is a first-aid post and accounting department.
All requiring students are providedby a hostel place.

800 students are taught at the College, including: at the level of TVET – 574 students (full-time education - 554; part - time- 40 people), at the level of the MTR – 226 students (day time education- 101 people; correspondence 115 people).
According to the plane the release of 2016 will make 303 people. The employment of the graduates over the last three years is 100%. In 2015 was given 25 diplomaswith honors.
Industrial training and practice of our students pass on the best enterprises of the city.

Students are provided with free meals or are received a scholarship.
For the development of student's personality theirs formation and creativity, the satisfaction of theirs individual needs in intellectual, moral, physical improvement, the adaptation to life in society, organization of free time, professional orientation subject additional classes,
extra curriculum activitieswork at College:
• pop miniatures "Suzorye";
• pop singing "generation next";
• dance group "Enthusiasm";
• volleyball;
• aerobics;
• table tennis;
• all-around gymnastics;
• athletic gymnastics;
• athletics;
• wooden fancy;
• textiles in the interior;
• a celebration of style and taste;
• decoupage.
The classes are given by the teachers who love their work. Our students became the winners and prize-winners of Republican, regional, district and city competitions, festivals, exhibitions and competitions.
For the purpose of development of social activity of students, the College operates 6 units of school government: the Council of an asset of the College, the student Union Committee, the Student eldership, a Committee of "BRSM", the hostel Council, the Council of the Museum room.
Our College provides different services and sells products of own production:
• fee-paying educational service: computer courses, retraining with awarding the qualification (for professions of cook, waiter, seller);
• Sports facilities: fitness club, gym, playing volleyball in the gym;
•Canteen service: the organization of celebrations (weddings, anniversaries, etc.) and implementation of the food through the hand and in the buffet.



Educational establishment


Invites to learn and study in 2016

On the basis of incomplete secondary education (9 classes) getting secondary education, term of study – 3 year, the form of the study- full-time education:

·       Trade business (shop-assistant; controller-cashier (controller))

·       Public catering (cook; confectioner)

·       Technology of production of chemical fibres; production of yarn (only men for  OAS “Grodno Azot” PTC “Khimvolokno”)

·       Public catering (waiter; barman)


On the basis of secondary education (11 classes) term of study – 1 year, the form of the study- full-time education:

·       Public catering (cook)

·       Trade business (shop-assistant; controller-cashier (controller))-term of the study 8 months

On the basis of secondary education (11 classes)

Term of the study-8 months, the form of the study-correspondence:

·       A shop-assistant

There are not any entrance exams!!!


On the basis of professional technological education:

·       Goods manager (Commercial activity (term of study – 1 year 10 months) – (free education))

Correspondence form of education–1 year and 10 months.

·       Technician-technologist  (the production and organization of public catering)

Full –time education -1 year and 10 months.

Correspondence form of education–2 years and 8 months.


230026, Belarus, Grodno, Slavinskystr, 7tel./fax 8(0152) 54 5668

cite: ggptk.grodno.unibel.bye-mail: ggptk@mail.grodno.by

You may get by trolleybus № 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 16 and by bus № 7, 23, 28, 37, 41
 (stop «Slavinsky str.»)


Advantages of studying at the College

v Education is freeof charge (besides the correspondence form);

v Students which are not from Grodno and other visitors, visitors from other countries are provided by the hostel.

v The selection is held on the basis of GPA(without any exams), according to the education document;

v All students which study on the basis of incomplete secondary education are provided by  the nourishment;

v Students which study on the basis of secondary education and on the basis of technological education get grant.

v Students which study on the basis of  secondary education get two professions and secondary education;

v The use of the books is free of charge;

v All students have job training and well-paid practice in the leading enterprises of the city;

v At the College work highly qualified and loving their work teachers;

v Educational process in each group is carried by two trainers and a curator;

v A high level of professional preparation is confirmed by the victories at the Republican contents of the  professional skills;

v All graduates of the College get a guarantied place of work;

v There is a modern technical base;

v The visit of additional classes, extra curriculum activities, sport sections is free.

v The students are the members of the youth organization (BRSM), and can participate of it`s capabilities;

v During the summer holidays a part-time occupation of the students is organized;

v During the studying the respite from the army is provided;

v The graduates from the College, which got vocational education may continue the education on the basis of secondary education may continue the education in reduced terms;

v The graduates which got vocational education may get higher education in “Grodno State university of YankaKupala“ or “ Mogilev State university of catering” in a short-term course and have preferences (Test Certificate – Russian Language, contest between the graduates secondary special education establishments).